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The Story


Cinder – an extrusive igneous rock that is rough and tough - once molded, can turn into something beautiful. Cinder is made up of so many different elements, it is almost impossible to comprehend how they can co-exist with one another.


Inspired by the famous fairy tale. Cinderella, this capsule signifies a collaboration that defies societal views on the ‘standard mix of elements and materials’.


The story of Cinderella has many elements that inspire us today. The 'stroke of midnight' inspiring the dramatic gold element on satin black elegance. The timeless and feminine beauty of Cinderella gave the inspiration for a classic clutch, this time giving it a rebel and romantic twist with the combination of leather and satin.

We love the unusual mix of elements, and we know you will love it too. 


Welcome to  | CINDER. 

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