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Eccentricity lies in the heart of our design philosophy.

Driven by the need to be different from the rest, every piece of jewelry is designed with the intention of creating something unique and unexpected.


Egocentric and unconventional, our jewelry is the distillation of our Designer's unwavering resistance against the banal and mundane.  


Starting off as a designer of versatile fashion jewelry, EV·YE Studio has evolved to focus now on designing FINE jewelry, choosing to work with precious metals and precious gems, in partnership with a local private jeweller. This is because we do not view jewelry as merely beautiful body adornment but also as modern heirlooms that have precious value in themselves.

With degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Founder and Designer E. is taking time off from the building industry to pursue her passion in jewelry design, being herself an avid collector of beautiful jewelry. Designing pieces that she would personally wear is essentially what drives her to create.    

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